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    Fake Trojan alert

      I am for over a year or so now restoring some files.

      For years I am playing games.

      Since a year or so McAfee started Quarantine

      File name : SRES.DLL

      Game: Aliens vs Predator.

      This file belongs to legal software. Not some thing I got of the Internet.

      Aliens vs Predator 2 ( Fox Sierra Monolith )

      The biggest problem being, I can only restore it, I can't tell the (virus scanner) to trust the file.

      I already reported the file more then onces, tried contacted support.
      Which ended in, without any questions where the files comes from, yes is a virus.

      I am having problems with more games, and I know four other AvP2 fan's who use McAfee, but different windows versions, all updated.

      This might sound like just a game, but if not for games, I would not need windows at all.