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    subscription renewal?

      My wife paid for the renewal and also added a user but now all computers show no protection due to expired subscription. How do I renew the software?
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          Peter M
          What happens if you right-click the taskbar icon and select Verify Subscription?
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            Thank you for your reply, but I figured it out. Had to log onto account on each computer and download the new software to update.
            I can not figure out how to use the easy network though. None of the computers show a request to join network when I click become a member of this network on any of the 4 computers. All have been updated and the easynetwork software is installed and running.
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              Vinod R

              1. Download and save the Network Cleanup Tool (mcnetcln.exe) to the desktop of each computer using the following link:


              2. Disconnect the computers from each other by powering off (or unplugging the power cord from) your network router or switch.
              3. Run the Network Cleanup Tool on each computer on your network that was previously managed by McAfee.

              Note: This tool cleans up incorrect, cached network information on each computer.

              4. Power on (or plug in) your network router.
              5. Restart the computer that you want to designate as the administrator of your network.

              6. On the administrator computer, open the McAfee SecurityCenter and then click Manage Network.

              Note: This computer automatically becomes the administrator on the managed network.

              7. If prompted, choose to Trust the Network.
              8. Restart the other computers on your network, and if prompted, select Trust the Network.
              9. On the administrator computer, invite the other computers to join the managed network.