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    Intruders Detected

      Error message-----from McAfee
      " Intruders Detected
      Computers or devices that you previously marked as intruders have connected to your
      network "
      As instructed I visited the McAfee website and I can confirm that I have WPA Encryption enabled.

      The McAfee network schematic shows 3 other boxes which I have marked as intruder because I have no idea what they are.
      I have clicked and right clicked on the boxes in the schematic but no real light was shown
      on what they are.

      I would like to found out who or what the intruders are. I have exhausted my searches for an answer. Can anybody help, please.
        • 1. intruders detected--why no replies?
          As a newish member I am surprised that I received no replies.

          Can anybody help me and let me know what I can say differently to attract replies.

          I do need to try and resolve the problem.
          • 2. RE: intruders detected--why no replies?
            Peter M
            We are all volunteers here so not everyone gets answered right off the bat. Are you actually using a network? If not just stop trusting it and all that will disappear along with those warnings.

            As long as you trust the network it will alert you to any changes. Stop trusting it and those messages will stop.

            The McAfee network map is limited in scope and really only reflects the one in Windows. I don't believe that it is possible to identify all the details of connected devices unless they are trusted and connected.
            • 3. Network
              Yes, I run a network, currently with 2 of the 3 user McAfee setup. This will shortly be a 3 user network when my wife gets her Dell laptop.

              The current network is a Dell Laptop with a wireless connection to a Bt hub plus a Desktop with a cable connection. This is the network where I have the intruder problem according to the McAffee error messages and the network diagram.
              • 4. RE: Network
                Peter M
                Well I can only quote what the help section in MSC says...


                Monitoring your networks
                If you have McAfee Total Protection installed, Network Manager also monitors your networks for intruders. Each time an unknown computer or device connects to your network, you'll be notified about it so you can decide whether that computer or device is a Friend or an Intruder. A Friend is a computer or device that you recognize and trust, and an Intruder is a computer or device that you don't recognize or trust. If you mark a computer or device as a Friend, you can decide whether you want to be notified each time that Friend connects to the network. If you mark a computer or device as an Intruder, we'll automatically alert you each time it connects.
                The first time you connect to a network after installing or upgrading to this version of Total Protection, we'll automatically mark each computer or device as a Friend and we won't notify you when they connect to the network in the future. After three days, we'll start notifying you about each unknown computer or device that connects so that you can mark them yourself.

                • 5. intruders
                  Thank you for trying. I read the McAfee article before I posted my plea for help.

                  In a nutshell I suppose my first post sums up my position.

                  Do you have any suggestions on what to do next. In other words, if you were me, what would you do?

                  If it is to contact McAfee, do you have any advice?
                  • 6. RE: intruders
                    Peter M
                    The Network wont identify them with any more detail than is already shown. For instance, if you have a wireless modem, just about anything that is in range, neighbours, other modems etc., that could possibly connect to that will show up.

                    Once they are marked as intruders than warnings will be posted, unless you decide not to trust the network, then it acts like nothing is there.

                    The only time you get full details is when it's another computer with McAfee Network Agent set up already and you are connected.
                    • 7. RE: intruders
                      Thank you. Bye.

                      I may talk to BT. They may be able to add some info.
                      • 8. RE: intruders
                        Peter M
                        Good luck.
                        • 9. Accidentally marked a friend as intruder

                          I accidentally marked a friend as an intruder and don't know have to reverse it. Please help.
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