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    McAfee compatability with World of Warcraft and Mozilla Firefox

      I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3.

      Recently installed the most recent version of Internet Security on my system, and I have had many issues with it, which is very surprising to me since I have never previously had an issue with McAfee products. The first major issue I have noticed is that after installation when I tried to log onto World of Warcraft I experienced a major slowing of the initial WoW logon screen, then once the screen finally loaded and I input my user information the connection basically stalled and resulted in a failed attempt to connect to the game. The next problem I have been experiencing is with Mozilla Firefox, it won't open at all, which is bad for me because it is the browser I prefer to use.

      I know the first solution you'll suggest is to open the program permissions menu under personal firewall and add the allowances for the 2 programs, and I have already done this.

      I currently have all programs from the Internet Security bundle installed, other than Easy Network.
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