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    Mcshield.exe eats all cpu

      Since I installed McAfee internet security2009 my PC is too slow: I had to kill MCShield.exe because it was eating 100% CPU! For example under Nero7 when I try to add a song to a compilation it might takes over 15 minutes for the add menu to come up the first time! When I kill MCShield.exe everything is fine. I'm used McAfee suite in the past & I never experience such a problem! Is McAfee aware of this? Is there a way to setup the 2009 mcShield so it will enable people to use their PC? I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of this software if nothing can be fixed & to get reimbursed.

      Thanks in advance for any help you may provide to me

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          Hello 5mars,

          I think you are trying to use Nero Showtime, nero burning rom, i agree with you, i have also faced this one, i use core 2 quad that has 4 logical processor but that too does not help me even, mcshield eats 25% in my case but that make nero to be not responding for about 30 seconds to 45 seconds, well i have found workaround for this, i have given up using Nero show time as using power dvd 9 and media player 12 for windows 7 and there is no such problem with additional windows 7 codec installed, i am telling you all these things so that you do not get in more trouble or figuring out anything else..For nero burning rom, try to update nero product as well check the archive or large file that you are trying to copy as well as if you think mcshield is hogging CPU, and your files are clean, than you can turn off mcafee for time period, but not from taskmanager plzz.
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            I experience problems with Nero Express & a couples of other softwares: even IE8 is much slower! How can I stop McShield & than restart it without using taskmanager?

            My PC : XP SP3 (with all recent updates), AMD Sempron 1.99Ghz, 1.5Go Ram, HD-1 (partition1) 80Go,
            Hd-2 (partition 2) 300Go & HD-3 (external) 500Go

            I will never used Visa & for Windows 7, well not now since automation control software will not be compatible as well as my studio softwares. There is no virtual drive available anymore with Nero for these OS.