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    computer and files not protected.... can't fix the problem

      I am using McAfee total protection (3 users) 2009.

      Recently, I was opening my yahoo inbox, (Normally, There will be a list of unread and read emails shown.) there was a flash and the content of 1 email was shown just for 1 second and the screen turned to the normal list of emails. There was 1 unread email from a stranger and I quickly deleted it. I was very alarmed at this so I did a full scan immediately. No virus found.

      From that incidence onwards, everytime I turn on my pc, the initial status is no problem. But, after 15 minutes, the status will changed to red, alerting me that there is a problem in the computer and files area.

      Each time I saw this problem, I clicked the FIX buttom. It said "1 or more program requires your response". Each time I did a full scan and no problem was found, but the red alert in my computer and files area remained. I got help from the MVT, but no problem was found - health check details are all ok.

      Please help. Thank you.