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    Manage Network Map

      This is a multiple query but interelated. This is a home network - one PC wired to the router and the rest wireless. Two Desktops and a Laptop have Security Center 9.15; Apple Laptop has Webroot. Authorized PCs not connected appear but display no IP until connected. The network map shows several "unknown" computers signed on to the network (IP assigned). The network is encrypted and password protected. How are the "unknowns" getting on? I have immediate access to all authorized computers and can physically confirm their status.
      Some of the "unknowns" have the same IP as the authorized and there is a duplicate display of an "unknown". The display is the same in all my Security Center PCs. I do not want to hide the display; I want to remove the data and or kick off any intruder.
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          Did you made any recent change to the network?
          How many network devices are connected in the network?
          Do we have the McAfee all the computer? Do you see the McAfee network map in all the computer?
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            Over time there have been changes to the network but the problem has been here since day one. It is only now that I have bothered to take the time to sort it out. The most recent change is going from DSL with a Linksys router to FIOS with a Verizon router.

            The net - Gateway desktop/Vista hardwired to the router; Dell laptop/XP Home wireless; Dell desktop/XP Pro wireless (all have the latest McAfee Security Center); plus Apple Laptop (Webroot). An X-Box used the wireless net regularly and now an iPod uses it.

            The net is paassword protected and encrypted.