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    False Positive Trojan Detection! Unable to install software!

      I am a representative of Priacta, Inc., maker of Trog Bar software. We were just informed by a client that the latest McAfee .DAT file update is causing a false positive as follows:

      McAfee has automatically blocked and removed a Trojan.

      About this Trojan
      Detected: Artemis!40C24472A1D8 (Trojan), Artemis!40C24472A1D8 (Trojan)
      Location: C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Priacta\TrogBar\install\3D3FB4C\htmlayout.dll

      The Trog Bar software in question can be downloaded for testing either via the Priacta web site on the /trog web page or via Download.com (search for Trog Bar).

      Client is running Security Center latest version (2009). Client says that last night's .DAT update is what caused this to fail, it was working prior to that (must have been installing multiple times).

      HTMLLayout is a known good open-source component of Trog Bar (UI). It is compiled fresh when Trog Bar is built.

      Other .DAT updates have cause false positives, as a quick Google search for "mcafee false positive" will attest.

      Please advise ASAP!