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    Mem Usage is way to high

      [SIZE="3"]When I just log onto my computer there is a "AAWService.exe" hogging close to 91,000 of my Mem Usage. Then if I access email, I get Mail at 93200, then MCShield will pop up to 56000.

      When my husband signs on his is McProxy.exe and AAWService.exe hogging his system.

      Have I got something set wrong, do I need to run something? I'm lost!!!:confused:
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          Peter M
          Aawservice is Adaware Adkiller software....you will have to ask about that on the Lavasoft forums.

          It's probably clashing with McAfee for starters hence the high usage.

          It may also be out of date now anyway as I believe Adaware Anniversary edition is the most up to date one and you should not have any active protection turned on, otherwise it will interfere with McAfee.