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    "verify subscription" request is constant

      I recently renewed my subscription online -- I think in June 2009 -- for at least another year. Yet each time I update my McAfee products (I am reminded almost daily), McAfee now asks me to "fix a problem" with my protection by verifying my subscription. This consumes computer resources, slows things down, and is unnecessarily annoying. How do I turn this constant verification request off? McAfee should know when my subscription expires! My protection is up to date. I should not have to take this extra step.
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          Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, Please clarify
          Make sure system data and time is correct ?
          When did you renew the subscription?
          Did you purchased the new product or just renewed the existing product?
          Find out which email address you registered your product with by clicking on the following URL:
          Make sure the product are registered under the same email address
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            I don't know what you mean about system data and time -- please speak English and not computer.
            I have changed nothing since I renewed.
            I renewed on June 13 or 14, 2009. My Security Center confirms that my subscription expires on June 13, 2010.
            I got a message from McAfee saying my subscription was expiring so I renewed. McAfee charged my credit card.
            Does that make it any clearer?
            I registered under my only email address. I just verified it is correct.
            (I find your questions annoying since I said most of this in my first post.)

            Please just answer this question: Does McAfee have a fix for this constant annoyance of "verification"? or must I switch to another program -- I have Norton on my desktop.
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              Vinod R

              Hmm... now this verify subscription is just the symptom.. the actual cause might be something else... in simple terms something is not allowing the McAfee server and your local machine to sync the subscription details and the verify subscription message actually helps re-write the local subscription database when you click fix... since that is not working for you something else might be on its path.

              let's start of with a fairly simple check list.

              Check and see if the date and time on the affected machine is correct .
              If those are correct then please let us know if this machine came pre-installed with a protection suite ( McAfee or non-mcafee.. if you happen to know the name please mention that..)

              I can see that you mentioned that you renewed recently.. ( was that an automatic renewal or you purchased a product or accepted an offer send to you from us?)

              Also it would be worth while if you could run the McAfee Virtual Technicain and post a session id so that me or Bala can check that and see if there is anything incorrectly set on the machine.

              Hope this helps happy
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                The date on my tool bar says Monday, Sept. 7. Time is 9:51 p.m. as I write this.

                I will try to run Virtual Technician if I can figure out where it is and how to do it. I will post the session if I can do it.

                My machine (Dell laptop) came preinstalled with McAfee virus protection -- the Suite, I think, although that was a long time ago. I have been renewing each time I'm prompted. I must have been prompted by the program, because I don't have any email from McAfee reminding me.

                I renewed on May 14, 2009. Here is the email I got from McAfee on that date-- it came from subscriptions@Mcafee.com :
                Dear Evelyn,

                Your McAfee® subscription has been successfully renewed using the payment information on file.
                You can now enjoy another year of protection whenever you use your computer and go online.

                With McAfee protection, you will be able to continue to confidently surf the web, send e-mail, and
                shop and bank online without worrying about viruses, spyware, spam, phishing scams, hackers
                and identity theft.

                Details of your subscription renewals:

                Name: Evelyn Wilson
                Order #: CSXXXXX7426
                Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009

                McAfee VirusScan Plus : $ 39.99(USD)

                Total Tax : $3.30
                Total Price : $43.29

                McAfee is always working hard to keep you and your computer protected. We know your loyalty
                depends on our ability to continually provide you with the best and most innovative security
                products on the market. We are the only major security company that is 100% dedicated to

                As always, we thank you for being a McAfee customer.

                McAfee Team

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                  I don't seem to have "Virtual Technician" in my McAfee suite. How do I run it?:confused:
                  • 6. I'm having the same problem - its an annoyance
                    I'm asked daily to verify my subscription, my date and time are correct, I have (unfortunately) paid for a year's subscription which still has about 5 months left on it.

                    This is a real PITA. at least McAfee fixed the "reboot when you least expect it" after automatic updates problem...
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                      hi andy h.,

                      can you please post the version of the McAfee that is installed on your computer?

                      and just to verify if there might be a possible corruption with the software, try to click on this link and see if you'll get a page where it showed what email address you used to verify/register your AV:


                      keep us updated
                      • 8. Version
                        I'd love to be able to tell you exactly what version I have but unlike almost every other windows application I've ever used, there's not a version available under the "Help" tab of the software, and I can't find version number anywhere in the interface. I did an update recently when this problem was happening before so I assume its Version 9.

                        The email address listed in the page is correct.

                        Now what?
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                          ooops, sorry for that.

                          the versions of mcafee can be found when you open the Security Center. There is an "ABOUT" button on the lower right hand corner. Please post the last update for each version.
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