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    McAfee bug in Windows 7 RTM

      I have McAfee Security center 9.15 updated to latest and Windows 7 x64 RTM ultimate, i have found one bug in McAfee graphics. May be that would be fixed in next McAfee release..i am just sharing my experience..well i must tell McAfee works fine in Windows 7

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          Peter M
          I can't make out what it is, even using the magnifier (which I hate). Suggestion, use the Snipping Tool to capture only that item from the screen and post that pic instead, you can user the Edit button to change the post above. Save the ST image as a .jpg.

          From what I can make out it isn't something I've experienced myself and I have 2 Windows 7 RTM x64 boot partitions, one with MSC 9.15 and one with MSC 10 Beta.

          If it's a blank SC or one with missing artifacts, then make sure you are not using any beta version of IE8 and go to IE Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, OK any UAC prompt or warning, Apply and OK.

          Close and reopen the browser and then re-enable the add-ons under Tools/Manage Add-ons. It usually does the trick.

          MSC is actually an IE webpage, albeit an internal one, so is subject to IE settings, functionality and that IE and associated add-ons arw always kept up to date and at default settings.
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            Every thing is default loaded and also i did what u said but nothing happened..well that is completely not in top concern as i am happy running McAfee on my PC..no other problem i am facing..this is just my experience sharing..
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              Peter M
              Except I still don't know what it is.