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    mcsysmon at 95% CPU when I start AOL then PC locks up

      HI, I need some help. Every time I start AOL software, a mcafee program called mcsysmon.exe starts running and hogging cpu up to 95% or more, for minutes at a time. The AOL software just hangs. Eventually my entire PC locks up. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it? I used to at one point be able to start aol ok, but recently it won't.

      I am running mcafee version 9.11, windows 2000 pro, and aol version 8

      thank you,
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          Does anyone have any help on this problem?
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            McAfee scans the program and gets aggressive with that...there is nothing you can do, just keep updated your AOL and McAfee software to latest.....Well i have never faced such problem except in Winamp, and now i run windows 7 and media player 12 so i do not use winamp and eveything is working fine, i only saw this problem few years back with winamp, well after updating my system configuration this thing does not happen even after using winamp...
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              Hi Silverhawk,

              Thanks for replying. I am just surprised that every time I start AOL - McAfee goes to town scanning it (and it take a long time and eventually freezes my PC - worse result than some actual viruses).

              I would think that since I'm not changing that AOL software, that McAfee would realize it scanned AOL software just the day before, and not do it again, since it is unchanged?

              Is there a way to instruct McAfee to stop scanning specific software, like AOL
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                There is no option to instruct McAfee not to scan these program, and it is logical what McAfee does, well you can do one thing, just select scan program files and document only option instead of all files option in McAfee realtime scanning setting, which is there in computer and files section. May be this thing would not help you but yes definitely would lower your protection to some aspects, but you can try this to check...
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                  I just discovered:

                  - WINDOWS SYSTEM GUARDS:
                  ( I changed the status to TRUSTED, from BLOCKED, for:
                  c:\americal online 7.0\waol.exe Windows Win.ini file trusted

                  I am going to test to see of McAfee stops scanning waol softwre when I try to start AOL. Does this make sense to anyone?

                  I also noticed, that in that same window in McAfee security center, that there is also a drop down item in the drop down list, for TRUSTED PROGRAMS - but there seems to be no way to input programs of my choosing? Is this a feature that is not working yet?

                  - TRUSTED PROGRAMS:
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                    You cannot input program in this way, this thing works when McAfee catches some potentially harmful/unwanted program and than it offers to send it to trusted list at your own risk if you want..there is no way you can manually exclude particular programs from scanning, as those program may get infected in future and may compromise system security.
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                      Two more suggestion to you..if this works, if not than please contact McAfee free customer support

                      next is please check you do not have SpywareBlaster or Spybot Search & Destroy installed

                      Add all the AOL executables into the Firewall Program Permissions list and give them Outbound-Only Access (preferred) or Full Access.

                      1. Open McAfee Security Center.
                      2. Click Internet and Network.
                      3. Select Configure.
                      4. Click Firewall Protection is enabled , Advanced.
                      5. Click Program Permissions.
                      6. Click Add allowed program.
                      7. Navigate to an application from the list below and grant either Outbound-Only Access or Full Access.
                      8. Repeat previous step for all applications in the list below.

                      List of executables, use the Microsoft Find option to locate each file:

                      * AOL - WAOL.EXE
                      * AOLc Connectivity Service (ACS) - AOLACSD.EXE or ACSD.EXE
                      * AOLc Anti-Spyware Protection - ASP.EXE
                      * AOLc TopSpeed(TM) Web Acceleration Technology - AOLWBSPD.EXE or AOLTPSPD.EXE
                      * AOLc TopSpeed(TM) Monitor - AOLTSMON.EXE
                      * AOLc Companion - COMPANION.EXE
                      * AOLc Coach Player - AOLNYSEV.EXE
                      * AOLc Dialer - AOLDIAL.EXE
                      * AOLc Tray Icon - AOLTRAY.EXE
                      * AOLc Setup - AOLSETUP.EXE
                      * AOLc Internet Access Controls - SPCAUTH.EXE
                      * AOLc Explorer Application - AEXPLORE.EXE
                      * AOL Explorer 1.5 Desktop Widgets - AWIDGETS.EXE
                      * AOL Explorer 1.5 RSS Screen Saver - AEXPLORE.SCR
                      * EE Service Host - AOLSERVICEHOST.EXE
                      * Port Magicc - PORTAOL.EXE
                      * Realc Media Player - REALPLAY.EXE
                      * Talkback Diagnostics - AOLLOAD.EXE
                      * QuickTimec Software Suite - QTTASK.EXE, QUICKTIMEPLAYER.EXE, QUICKTIMEUPDATER.EXE
                      * You've Got Picturesc Screensaver - YGPSSTRA.EXE.

                      McAfee customer support: