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    How To Download English MVT

      I've spent the good part of today trying to figure out how I can get a copy of the English version of MVT.

      If I go to


      I get redirected to


      But if I directly enter


      I can get to


      Which shows I should be downloading


      but when I hit next, instead it downloads


      I'm using English Vista, English locale, English settings for non-unicode programs, English regional options, English keyboard... But still it wants to download the Japanese.

      Is this because it's looking at my IP address?
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          Peter M
          Moved from Corporate as this tool is a home product tool.

          I've uploaded the MVT EN_US version to Megaupload for you to download. It's zipped.


          Enter the code indicated on that page and save the download to your desktop first.

          If that fails I suggest contacting Technical Support, link at top left of this page or in my signature.
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            Thank you Peter.

            Funny that the megaupload site also shows up in Japanese. Fortunately I can read enough to figure out where to type the code and that I have to wait 45 seconds.

            But, it's all good now.

            Where should I post questions concerning the results?
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              Peter M
              Under whatever application is acting up I guess. This forum is as good as any if it's the Security Center version you have.

              We aren't trained to read the results, however, so best just to post the session ID and I can have a technician look at it, but give me also some idea of what the problem is.

              Your computer or browser either has Japanese language settings or some cookies that are stopping English sites displaying properly. You should be able to view any website in its original form. I find that strange and perhaps I would scan for malware using the free version of this tool: