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    Extremely slow boot issue

      We recently encrypted our CIO's laptop using MEE (5.1.7 I believe). After a week or so he came to us complaining that his laptop was booting extremely slow and that it was freezing randomly. He claims it started around the time that he receive the encryption product.

      Now I'm not all that convinced that MEE is the sole cause, but because of the visible nature of this machine and the short amount of time we will have it, I was wondering where I should look first to see if MEE is causing these problems.

      The computer "boots" fine actually, the slowness occurs after Windows login (but seemingly with different accounts). We've tried that account on another machine though and it works fine. The total applying computer settings time is close to 3 minutes and applying personal settings took about a minute.

      1. I'm going to use a SMART tool to check for hard drive problems (as this might explain the freezing since the mouse can still move during the freeze).
      2. Gonna try any other suggestions you all have
      3. If we still haven't gotten anywhere I'll go ahead and decrypt the drive
      4. If still not fixed I'll remove any trace of MEE on the laptop
      5. If still not fixed I'll stop bothering you all happy
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          Tell him you removed it (but don't), and see if he complains wink
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            Haha! That was good for a Monday morning laugh ;)

            Of course he happens to be a person with enough technical knowledge to cause trouble... and he KNOWS it. We often joke about him being the pilot user for the rest of the company because he seems to have problems that nobody else does.

            I really don't think it's an MEE issue, but unless I can prove it the product will get a bad name in his mind and I REALLY don't want that to happen!

            Hopefully he drops his laptop off soon so I can figure this thing out.
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              does he understand why he has it though? Like, does he understand that ignoring data protection regulations in many states could lead to him doing jail time?
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                Yes, he does. It was kind of his idea in the first place I think (yea I'm not part of those discussions lol)... He's actually lost a laptop before on company business!

                The main thing I'm trying to preserve is user acceptance. At one of our branch offices (a large branch) I've already lost that fight because one of the techs refused to work with me and everybody started frieking out the moment they couldn't log in. Instead of working with the users he started badmouthing the products as if it was inherently flawed.

                But you know who users work - all they see is the one in front of them, so if that has one problem they lose all faith in the product. Having a tech who reinforces that does not help one bit.

                Back to the CIO - so far we've only had one other MEE issue with him (his user name was removed from the machine and we have no idea why) and I think if I can prove that this isn't MEE inherently or if I can fix the performance issues (if it IS MEE) then I can keep his approval on the product. Then the chain of command will force that other tech to push the product...

                I hope that wasn't too convoluted....
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                  no. I understand. Sounds like you have a very "old school" user community. Most people nowadays understand the need for security and are happy to work with it, rather than against.

                  as you've found though, it only takes one loudmouth to sour the milk...
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                    We have similar issues here, but not related to Safeboot/McAfee EEPC.

                    I'd recommend this:

                    1. Check the System and Application event logs for any odd events around boot time or disk errors.

                    2. If possible, swap his hard drive into another shell to eliminate any possible hardware issues (besides hard drive of course), and see if the issue remains.

                    3. Try booting with WiFi card disabled / undocked / docked / etc. different configurations and see if any seem to boot faster than the others and troubleshoot from there.

                    We have people disable their WiFi when off the network, because when booting the WiFi is attempting to connect to the domain for user authentication even when they are at home, which increases the boot time quite a bit.
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                      The good news is that it doesn't appear to be directly related to McAfee EE.

                      There were 2 issues happening. The boot slowness was mainly caused by a few services by Roxio that were totally unnecessary. The periodic freezing is still happening even though McAfee EE was uninstalled and the motherboard was swapped out. The problem seems to be with either Symantec DLO or there could be a general hard drive problem. I ran a SMART tool and everything seemed fine but those are perfect apparently.