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    Can't Reinstall

      Thanks for the reply. Now for the question. I think i goofed up. After running an automatic update my McAfee started telling me that I needed to reinstall the program. I tried but it wouldn't download so I tried to uninstall from the control panel add'remove programs. It looks like it only did a partial uninstall. Now I can't run McAfee nor can I re down load it.

      I'm running XP Home addition version 5.1 with SP3. I have an emachine computer with 384 MB of RAM.

      My McAfee is Security Center Ver 9.3, Build 9.3.162, Aff ID 365-1, Language en-us, Language Pack 9.3.106 and last updated 8/15/09.

      My file system is NTFS and I have a broad band connection.

      I've tried to get to the Tech support on line with no success.

      Any ideas on how I can get it back on line would be most appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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          Peter M
          I moved this post from the testing area.

          You mean you not only can't uninstall/reinstall McAfee but you also don't have an internet connection?

          Try booting to "Safe Mode with Networking" by tapping F8 while booting up. That gives you the internet in safe mode. Then click the link in my signature for the MCPR removal tool.

          Save it to your desktop. Enable Windows Firewall. Reboot to regular mode and run it.

          Hopefully that will clean up the mess and you can then re-download and install.
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            Thanks for the reply. I'll try to get it in the correct area this time.

            I followed your suggestion and it appears to have deleted additional information and the McAfee icon has gone away in the system tray. However when I try and run the reinstall program it begins the process and down loads some information, gives me a screen to select the typical installation and after I select that a splash screen comes up that tells me that the security platform encountered a problem and has to close and offers the option to send Microsoft an error report. I've tried this with the Windows firewall on and off but with no luck.

            Any additional ideas?

            And thanks again for your help.
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              Peter M
              Contact Technical Support Chat linked at top left of this page and they can actually check your machine to see what's wrong.