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    screensaver lockout issue

      I have a strange issue on a laptop, and was wondering has anyone come accross this issue.
      We have a Dell D600 laptop, win xp pro and running version 5.1.8.

      When the laptop locks as per screensaver settings, the only person that can unlock the laptop is the person logged in, all atempts by admininstrators and other users with permissions to the user group, to unlock the laptop get error "Token authentication parpamiters are incorrect"
      If the option single sign on to windows is enabled it reports too many incorrect logins and locks out for 60 secs initially and further atempts for longer.
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          I guess either they are typing their credentials incorrectly, or you didnt assign those users to the machine?
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            No It has been tested by several admins who are in all the user group, and they are all ( as far as I am aware ) using their correct credentials and the same issue happens every time.

            I have 2 admin accounts, I am logged in with one, and when I try to unlock using 2nd higher lvl account I get the same issue, so it does not appear to be a case of incorrect passwords.
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              did you set an admin level rule for the screensaver bypass?

              Only the user who booted the machine, or a higher level user (if the right options are set) can authenticate. Otherwise you need to reboot the machine and login as yourself from pre-boot onwards.
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                I have checked mamnagement console and settings are the same as all other laptops in the group, and all admins can log into other machines, so it appears to be local to this machine.
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                  All admins have lvl3 access and are in the users group for all laptops, they are therefore able to unlock the screensaver, but not on this machine.
                  it seems to be the only machine it is happening on but we are mid roll at the moment and if the problem occurs again we need to know how to resolve it.