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    I don't understand

      For these past 2 weeks, I noticed that whenever I'm on the internet, sometimes my McAfee protection status would show saying that your computer is not fully protected and it would say "click here to fix the problem" or "click here to verify your subscription". It has happened to me about 3-4 times now. Usually in the sections on home page for SecurityCenter , the areas for Computer & Files, Internet & Network, E-mail & IM and Parental Controls are all lit green for this McAfee 2009 Total Protection program I have but for some reason the computer & Files and E-Mail & IM would light up red and the previous mentioned would happened with the messages saying that I'm not fully protected and click here to fix the problem.. I have the McAfee 2009 Total Protection software which includes:

      SecurityCenter Version 9.3
      Virus Scan Version 13.3
      Personal firewall 10.3
      Anti-Spam version 10.3
      Site Advisor Version 2.9
      Parental Controls Version 11.3
      Backup and Restore Version 3.3

      Please, can anyone help? Thank you.
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          The "not fully protected..." is actually only half the message. There's more and that gives you the reason why it's not fully protected. Like the DAT file, virus signature files, are out of date. What you could do is to completely uninstall the McAfee software andand then reinstall it . Just follow these steps in this document: How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe)
          • 2. No other way?
            So there's no other way besides downloading the provided link and re-installing the McAfee product? When I purchased my desktop from DELL, they gave me 30-days trial of McAfee preloaded when I first turned on the computer. What would I need to click on the link on page since I manually installed the 2009 McAfee total protection software? Afterwards, I decided to purchase the 2009 McAfee total Protection software. I just don't understand how the 2009 Total Protection McAfee software could be outdated? Thanks.
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              If you got the computer from Dell then it has a Dell/McAfee version on it and it will get the updates from a different location then when you install the software from the McAfee website or installed it from a CD.

              In this case it is the best thing to do to completely uninstall the softwre and reinstall it from the site you purchased the 2009 McAfee Total Protection software. If you got it from the McAfee site then download/install it from there.

              It is confusing, it's even confusing for the software. But if you install the software that you got from the McAfee site over the Dell/McAfee software then even the software gets confused... even I am confused now...;)