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    intruder on my network

      If I find there is a computer in my "network" map in my Mcafee security centre, how can prevent them from access to the internet? I mark it as an intruder but that doesn't seem to disconnect them?
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          Peter M
          They wont get access if you use the usual precautions of passwording user accounts etc. However, if you are not using a network per se, then stop trusting that network and they wont even show up.
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            well i don't know, all i know is suddenly this "computer" keep showing up on my network map in the mcafee security centre and it's not a device i recognise. It is my network so i can't not trust it. But i didn't have any choice as to allow or not allow that computer.

            Would banning the IP address and ports using my router stop it? (of course i'm not sure whether it is an intruder or just one of my home applications, but i'm sure i'll find out when i block it)

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              Peter M
              I doubt that it's any threat. Click on it in the Security Center network map and mark it as Intruder. That way McAfee knows not to trust it.