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    How to report a false positive?

      McAfee Security Center recently began identifying a file in one of our commericial products as being infected by the virus Artemis!89B54039312F. Previously, this file had repeatedly passed virus scans by Norton, McAfee and Kaspersky over several months without any indication of problems, and we are therefore confident that the file is not infected. We do not know exactly when this misidentification began, but it existed in your virus definitions as of August 4.

      The file in question is encrypted for license management purposes. Our theory is that a random byte pattern in the encrypted version is triggering detection. The unencrypted file shows no sign of being infected, and the encryption is performed by a reputable commercial product which is also malware-free.

      Can you please provide details of how a software vendor can report a false positive for investigation?

      Since existing users who have McAfee protection will otherwise have their main executable files for our application deleted, we would like to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

      Thank you,
      Terry R.