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    Menu Scan don't scan

      I found a trouble with file scaning today.
      When I select a folder and right click press scan I see "Scan Options" window.
      How can I fix it?
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          when you say "scan options" are you referring to the types of scan?

          what is the version of you mcafee security center?
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            Yes, types of scan.
            Security center version : 9.11 Build 9.11.109
            OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
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              please try running MVT and post the session ID here.

              meanwhie i'll ask around see if anybody else has encountered this problem of yours...
              • 4. Same Here
                Same Here. I have the same problem. i will go and click virus scan and it will go to a blank screen and then just go back to the menu. i have the cox security suite(powered by McAfee) and it will do scheduled virus scans, but i just cant view the scan details. i did this since i got my computer. i have reinstalled it like 5 times. i have even got the trial form the McAfee website. still doesn't work. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!! and you too =)
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                  May i know the version of your operating system and what service pack is installed with it?

                  may i also know the version of your internet explorer?

                  may i also know if you have other security softwares currently/previously installed in the computer?
                  • 6. ok here it is
                    ok i am using windows vista home premium SP1(dont know how to get SP2)

                    i downloaded it using firefox (dont remember what version, downloaded it like a month ago)

                    and i have windows defender. I ONLY trust McAfee! =) ( when windows starts up it says windows defender could not be started. i think it is because mcafee "kickes" WD(windows defender). when i reinstalled it iand i only had WD installed i didnt have the error.
                    EDIT: i did use the removal tool to remove it the second and third time
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                      please try to disabled windows defender... you can find it in your control panel...
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                        You might want to check for updates/patches at the Microsoft Update center: http://update.microsoft.com/

                        Use the "Custom" button and install all critical updates and you might also want to install the "optional" updates.
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                          ok i did everything exept get SP2. My sister has the same suite and it works flawlessly. like i said it didnt work when i got my computer. Mcafee was the first thing I installed. i did the thing on IE8 and nothing. (yes firefox is mt default browser.)
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