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    Filtered e-mail, can't do anything with it?

      I've got Security Center 2009 installed by Dell on a Vista 64 bit Home Premium.

      It seems to be working. However, I've got the one problem. In the logs for Filtered Mail I see some messages. I'd like to look at them, so I select one and press VIEW... Thunderbird opens up but the page is BLANK? OK, I'll EXPORT it. Set the directory, nothing is put there?

      Thinking something is wrong, I run the Technical Adviser and it finds this,

      Product Name : SecurityCenter
      Product Version : 9.11.109
      Language : en-us
      Partner : Dell
      Health Check Details
      Registry OK
      File OK
      Process 1 process(s) incorrect
      Expected process not running
      Expected : running
      Existing : not running
      Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\mcafee\mna\McNAsvc.exe
      Service 1 service(s) incorrect
      Expected Service State Incorrect
      Expected : running
      Existing : stopped
      Service: McNASvc "c:\PROGRA~2\COMMON~1\mcafee\mna\mcnasvc.exe"
      COM OK
      Top Issues OK

      OK, I ask it to fix it. It fixes one and when I ask for more details I get a page that tells me to un-install the suite, run the clean tool, and re-install from a link. Hmm, I decide to run the scan again. It passes with no problems? What goes?

      In addition to all this, NOTHING ever goes into the Thunderbird FOLDER for Anti-Spam? From what I can tell, the settings are correct and I do have the toolbar icon?

      So, how can I see the filtered e-mails?

      Irv S.

      (Not sure if I'm in the correct forum here, hard to tell which one to put it in?)