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    Your computer is not protected - Real-time scanning disabled

      I've got 5 PCs running Internet Security here, all of which have started giving "Your computer is not protected" errors today - but it's not the normal SystemGuards issue (which has been ongoing for 18 months).

      Today they're all giving:

      - Real-time scanning is disabled
      - Spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled
      - IM scanning is disabled
      - Script scanning is disabled
      - Buffer overflow protection is disabled

      Clicking fix seems to resolve it, but the next time SC checks for updates, back it comes.
      Has the latest update broken something?

      Software versions:
      SC 9.3
      VS 13.3
      DAT 5692.000
      Engine 5301.4018

      All machines are on McAfee own-brand releases (not OEM) and are on XP SP3 with IE8 or Win2k.
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