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    I can't find "VirusScan Console"

      Hello. I'm a McAfee user, and as of late, I've noticed that someone else had a McAfee feature I do not have. Me and that person live in the same house, so we share a McAfee plan. We both pay for the same version of McAfee.

      What he had was something called the VirusScan Console. It seems to be where you can update McAfee from, where the firewall settings are, and where you can manage virus scans etc.. On my computer, all I can access under McAfee on my Start menu is "On-Demand Scan" and "On-Access Scan". I also noticed he had a McAfee icon on the bottom right-hand corner of his screen, next to the time and Volume settings and such (hopefully you know what I'm talking about). I do not have a McAfee icon there.

      I'm afraid I may not be receiving what I pay for. Is there any way I can get VirusScan Console anywhere without having to pay for it again?
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