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    No Boot Disk Was Found?

      Hi there,

      Hoping someone will be able to shed a bit of light on this one. We have used Safeboot to encrypt all of our company's laptops for about a year with no problems what so ever. These laptops are all Dell Latitiude/Precision all on XP/Vista/Win7 and using Intel chipsets.

      We've just taken receipt of two Dell Studio XPS 1340 laptops which run nVidia based chipsets. I've encrypted both of them as per our usual method, however, once the disk has encrypted, if you reboot/shutdown and then switch back on, the Dell splash screen appears, and then we get a safeboot error message pop up:

      Error: 0xe002001b
      No Boot Disk was found

      Now, the Laptops shipped with A07 BIOS which is fairly old, so I updated them to A11, but that didnt resolve the issue. I then thought it might be to do with the SATA mode of the disk, the options being AHCI or ATA mode ... so i wiped both laptops, rebuilt the laptops with Vista SP2 and built in AHCI on one laptop, and ATA on the other laptop. Re-encrypted the disks, rebooted, and the same happened again.

      I'm really out of ideas now, and I desperately need these laptops working as they're for very important directors bla bla bla ...

      The only thing left I can think of is, is to try a newer build of the Safeboot client. I am currently using Build 5500 (517-0018) and a colleague seems to think Build 5700 is available

      Does anyone have any ideas?

      Many Thanks
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