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    Fix protection status failing silently

      I have Security Center 9.3. It recently started the 'your PC is not protected message' hit fix to repair. It shows the virus defs file last updated on 7/15. I hit fix, it says downloading but then I never see the M change to the curved red arrow and it never gives me an error message. But never updates either. I did noticed that Microsoft's auto update loaded 3 patches (KB971633, KB961371, KB 973346) on 7/15 but at least reading on those updates I could see no obvious conflict. Before I remove security updates to see if that is the cause I would liek tos ee if there is another fix/known issue.

      I am running Xpnull with the latest SPs and updates. And for what it is worth, when I run through Virtual Technican he comes back with no McAfee components installed - but that is clearly in error because I can scan and do everything else so whatever the erro it has not knocked me totally out of config.

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          I am also running 9.3 and get the same check protection status. This happens repeatedly. The red "X" shows part of protection must be fixed. It's the computer & files and E-mail & IM that always needs action required. I hit the fix button and everything is then enabled and fine for a short time.

          This happens many times a day, day after day.

          It is also happening on my wife's computer.

          I ran the virtual technician that found nothing.

          What is causing this to happen? It's a pain in the _____. Also, it happens when computer at idle so I'm worried not protected.
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            i have provided separate troublshooting for your case in your original post... please refer to your own post... thanx.


            your mcafee is not updating since the mcafee update icon does not show up. please follow steps below so we could show up the mcafee update icon.

            1. click on start
            2. click on run
            3. type in "services.msc" (withouth the quotes)
            4. press OK
            5. in the list of services please look for Terminal Services, if it stopped start it by right clicking on it and then left clicking on start.
            6. close the windows
            7. update mcafee, observe if the mcafee update icon shows up, observe as well if the updates are installed successfully.

            • 3. Still a problem
              Ok, well Terminal Services is listed as Started (and type Manual). I thought maybe I could cycle it but I don't get an option to Stop it.
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                please try to set it to automatic to do so...

                1. open services.msc window again... double click on terminal services
                2. in the new window there is a dropdown for startup type... set it to automatic... click apply and then OK...
                3. restart the computer
                4. after restarting please try manually updating mcafee again... the mcafee update icon should show...

                • 5. Still no help
                  (Sorry for the delay).

                  Ok I set it to automatic and restarted with no joy. Same as before in that McAfee says it is downloading a new file but never does. I then cycled back to the way it was (Manual) and rebooted and still no joy (but not unexpected).

                  Other ideas?
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                    Vinod R

                    Could you run the virtual tech now... there were some updates installed for those recently
                    • 7. Still not working
                      Ok, tried running it with the same result ("No products found"). Just to be sure since it wasn't clear what exactly it was updating and you said there were changes, I uninstalled it, reloaded MVT, ran it and still got that message that it can't find any McAfee products, do I need to install one. I don't know if it helps but here is the session id: 19454743.
                      • 8. PC Not Protected, McAfee VT Can't Fix
                        Please help.

                        I have been receiving PC not protected messages since 07/29/09 update only. When I check, the Real-time scanning, IM scanning, Script scanning, Buffer overflow protection, are all disabled. I reenable only to have McAfee disable them again. Moreover, McAfee VT says it can't fix the problem with the Virus Shield not running--both the process and service are disabled. My updates claim I am up to date.

                        VirusScan Plus is v. 13.3.127. Security Center is 9.3.162. This is running on XP SP3.
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