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    Manual Scan does not scan selected files.

      I have a computer that got infected and although it appears to be clean and McAfee has been removed and reinstalled. It will not scan select files or directories. The scan start and then finishes with 0 files scanned, but I can run a full scan.
      Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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          When you removed mcafee did u use the method mentioned in the removal link in my signature?

          I assume by selective scan u are in explorer and right click on the folder and select scan? I assume there are files in the folder and ensure some exes just to ensure not set to scan program files only. Just checking
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            Yes and Yes, That is the way the McAfee support person had me remove my installation. But I think something was missed. The people behind the Trojan that infected this PC did some advanced stuff(real hackers) and there maybe a file or registry key I did not find and fix. Would you know where I should look for a file or key that would prevent scanning selected files? Also found another infected file by running a stinger. I hate to give in the the jerks that did this a reload the PC.

            Thanks for your reply.
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              Try running mcafee in safe mode and as well try the two scanners here as a check
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              If they find more bits you may have to uninstall /reinstall mcafee again.

              BTW what trojan and was it removed by mcafee or other means?
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                I'll try scanning with the two product you suggested. Also note did a scan with spybot and found nothing and the PC OS is xp.
                I used the dos mcafee scanner dated last week. Did not think to log the results so just remember it found and cleaned a Trojan from 4 files in the system32 directory structure. They disabled spybot and mcafee, spybot would not start and mcafee would not scan anything. Also modified rights on files and registry and paused the real time scanner. Could not change the realtime scanner and update told me that some files were missing and would not complete. I was in a bit of a hurry to fix this so did not get as much information as I would have liked. I remember all of the files cleaned were system files and that one had something to do with routing or dns. I did run a sfc before the scan to fix system files, but it appears they had something in place to prevent this. Also the stinger found a trojan again did not make a record of the name, but the file infected was the weatherbug exe, had problem with infections from them at home so stopped using it at home. I don't know this was the source for sure!

                Thanks again for your advice.