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    Help with Inbound Events and Unwanted access to my Computer

      I'm hoping someone can help me figure out something. I have McAfee version 9. I have a Dell Dimension E521, with Vista. I do not have a router. My Internet provider is wireless broadband. I have an antenna on my roof, which gets it's signal from an antenna in town, ect. Before this I had dial up. Not long after I had the broadband installed I noticed the signal would slow way down - eventually found that others seemed to be accessing my computer - in other words when I would check "network" in Windows Explorer I would see other names appearing. I began banning the people who would appear in this and also set my Network and Sharing Center - Sharing and Discovery all to off. This seems to keep them off my computer. BUT in the inbound events - which I check often - I have a lot of different ones trying to access my computer. When I called my ISP they said without a router, there was no way a person could be getting in through the Internet. That it had to be through a phone line or something. I no longer have a phone line hooked to my computer. Anyway last week, my Internet provider was down for several days - I had no Internet at all. But when I checked my inbound events - for one day - in 24 hours, I had 275 inbound events. Why is this? Who is this? Do I have something set wrong on my computer or Internet? When I locked down the firewall - this did stop. But as soon as I would open it back up - they came back. Can anyone give me some advice or help on this.
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          Peter M
          [LEFT]You shouldn't worry about Inbound Events as they represent failed attempts.

          However I would invest in a router if I were you because an unsecured wireless connection is risky to say the least. At least with a router you can encrypt transmissions so that others can't read what you are doing.

          I would certainly look into some way of securing that antenna at least. How is your computer connected to it?
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            Thanks for your reply - yes I realize that inbound are just attempts - but have found when I find these "new" people trying to access - they often do get in - so ban them when I find them.

            I will get a router - I was afraid that it would only make my computer more vulnerable.

            I guess I still wonder where these "attempts" come from when my Internet provider is not even working.

            I had my Internet professionally installed by their rep. The antenna has a wire coming down into my basement which connects to a box and then a wire running up to my computer. Sorry don't know much more about it. I might add my son who lives in a different town has the same problem with the same ISP.
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              Peter M
              A router usually has its own built-in hardware firewall which, when correctly configured, would render you invisible to the outside world.
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                Why are you worrying..? McAfee automatically blocks all intrution attempts and other unauthorized access to your PC..McAfee firewall is enough in protection even if you do not have a router..but router has it's option to encrypt and other things..so a router is good investment for wireless unsecured networks...but remember till you have McAfee installed and working with firewall ON, you do not have to worry..!!

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