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    Computer Not Protected

      Hi. Like everyone else I have received the dreaded "Computer Not Protected message". I ran the Virtual Technician. The session ID is 19212328. I constantly do a manual update. I do have Spybot and MBAM. This is really frustrating. My time to renew is about 15 days and honestly I am concerned whether I should. Thx.
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          Please clarify,
          What is the version of OS (Operating system) you use?
          What is the version of internet explorer (IE) you use?
          Do you have any pop ups or alert in the computer?
          Please let know the version of McAfee program installed in the computer (Open the McAfee security center-> click on about in the left had bottom of the security center panel)?
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            I would add where did you get you mcafee copy was it from a mcafee partner such as Dell, etc . the mcafee version Bala is asking for is a pointer to the issue.
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              Hi there. I assumed this info was already in the log file. I have Windows XP SP 3 and I.E 8. I downloaded and installed Mcafee products from the Mcafee website. I have Security Center 9.3, VirusScan 13.3 with the latest dat file, Personal Firewall 10.3. I have pop up blocker on my computer.
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                This is only a guess but I expect 90% of the Computer Not Protected indications are being caused by System guards disabling them selfs.
                Instead of clicking fix: Try
                Click START
                Click RUN
                Type services.msc OK
                Go down list till you come to McAfee system guards check under status it says started.

                This problem with system guards has been on going now for nearly 18 months. Everytime I get Computer Not Protected I just go straight to services as its a lot quicker than opening Security Centre
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                  9.5 is out in some centres. It is actually what is in 9.11 and since I was updated in the beta program testing there has been no popups at all. Of course I haven't Privacy service and that may have an issue but once you get the update things should ease up.

                  What surprises me is clicking fix always works in 9.3 for me At least it used to. It was only the 8.* versions that needed to nudge in services.
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                    Thanks for your responses. So basically I have to wait for Mcafee to make the latest Security Center with this bug fixed available for the masses. God knows how long that will take.
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                      Vinod R

                      Correction for the "Comcast masses" ..... the regular McAfee users are already on 9.11 .
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                        Thank you Tony, after reviewing the user Log I was able to find the issue is with “McSysmon-Expected Service State Incorrect”
                        It might be an issue with Network or with Operating system we can suggest him to update the windows and enable the McAfee service from the service.msc window. There are many possibilities in this issue computer might be having the malware files/ root kits.
                        I think we need more information on this lets try our best

                        Your session ID indicates a problem
                        Try what devon scouse below suggests and do the following if the service keeps stopping.

                        Scan with Mcafee in safe mode and run these two programs
                        Try running mcafee in safe mode and as well try the two scanners here as a check


                        Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
                        Download the free version here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php

                        If they find more bits you may have to uninstall /reinstall mcafee.