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    computer not protected/blank sec cntr screen

      I am getting the "Your computer is not protected" alert. I click on the alert and get the McAfee Security Screen but it comes up blank. The only way around this problem for me has been to go thru Virtual Technician and reinstall everything. It is time consuming to do this and it works for a day or two then the alert is back. Can you help me? I am not using IE, but I am using Firefox.

      Thank you
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          Peter M
          Whether or not you use IE it is still important to keep IE up to date and at its default settings because many applications, including McAfee, still rely on it.
          McAfee Security Center is actually an IE page, albeit internal.

          Please open IE and tell me what it says for the version under Help/About.

          If you know that it's IE8 beta (for instance) please uninstall it immediately and install IE8 final from Microsoft's website. The beta caused this issue.

          What system and service pack are you using?