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    McafeeT.P.2009  trial

      hi. This is my first time here, little help? i've been used kaspersky products. Today i installed mcafee t.p.2009 trial, Everything looks good,i'm satisfied with it.
      When i started update...
      '' For your convienience,an animated icon appears in your window notification area,at the far right of the taskbar. When security center is finished,the icon automatically disappears.''

      During update, there wasn't any ''icon notification'' in my task bar! I couldn't know does Secutity center updated on not? Except on interface below wrote Security Center Information:Update check:9.7.2009. It's corect date.
      thank you
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          Peter M
          Welcome to the forums.

          Normally a very small rotating arrow appears to tell you that the update process is underway, however, it could be obscured depending on how many icons are already there and whether or not you have them set to be hidden or not.

          (See attached thumbnail - click to enlarge).

          The way to check is to double-click the "M" icon on the taskbar to open Security Center and then select "About" in the lower right-hand corner of the Security Center and look for the VirusScan figures.
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            Ok.Thank you for information.
            That rotating arrow in unknown thing in mi task bar,missing! That is thing what confuse me.
            But when i made full scan,there appears ''scan icon ''on task. I have 6 icons on task bar, it isn't much??

            ''About''-''Security Center''-''Virus Scan'' figures, now is date ''last update: 8.7.2009.''
            Please can you send me your update report, i'd like to know that is same?
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              Peter M
              It looks like you are OK as mine only just updated a few minutes ago.