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    Won't archive on schedule

      A couple of months ago my system stopped archiving on the specified schedule. Doesn't archive unless I trigger it manually. All Security Center settings double checked, and no known changes in PC settings that might keep it from running. What to check?
        • 1. RE: Won't archive on schedule
          Please Clarify,
          What is the version of OS (Operating system) you use?
          What is the version of internet explorer (IE) you use?
          Did you made any recent changes to the computer?
          Please let know the version of McAfee program installed in the computer (Open the McAfee security center-> click on about in the left had bottom of the security center panel)?
          Try to update the Windows make sure all the patch /optional update installed
          • 2. System info
            Bala, I'm running:
            Windows XP Home Edition 2002, SP3
            IE 8.0.6001
            McAfee Scty Ctr 9.3.151; Backup & Restore 3.3.102

            And just to confirm, it's a scheduled Full Archive that's stopped happening. In the interim, I'm just going in every week and doing a full archive manually.

            I know of no changes in PC configuration or settings in recent months.
            • 3. Reinstall doesn't help
              FWIW, last evening I removed and reinstalled McAfee to see if I could get rid of the endless "You're not Protected" messages. Don't know the outcome in that regard, but the reinstall didn't fix the problem addressed here: The system won't perform a scheduled full archive. I scheduled one for late last night, and it didn't happen. How about some suggestions on what to check in PC settings, or ... ?
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                I believe it might be an issue with conflicting software installed or might be an issue back up drive or location.
                Are you trying to back the file in the external hard disk or in a shared location?
                Run the MVT {http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp} on your computer and post the Session id you get in this thread.
                • 5. Ran the MVT
                  Ran the MVT. No problems found. Session id 19117981. Backup is to a separate (and identical) hard drive in the same PC. McAfee backed up files to this hard drive, with all the same settings as I'm using now, for many months without a problem. Then a couple of months ago it quit performing the scheduled backups. I don't recall / am not aware of any PC configuration changes at that time.