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    McAfee Security Center Window pop-up

      I recently renewed my McAfee, and now about every 5 to 10 minutes the Configuration Screen of Security Center opens automatically to the Internet & Firewall settings menu. I've restored the Firewalls, I've allowed Full Access to all my programs, I've modified all the settings, and it still pops-up. I can close it, but it will open up again and again. Anyone else have this problem?
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          Vinod R

          For some reason are you using a Cisco VPn or something on that machine?
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            No. I have a DSL modem and am using a Linksys N-Router, but I've that hasn't changed for over a year.
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              Vinod R

              What is the operating system , RAM ,service pack .. also mention if you had/have any other security application installed on the machine.

              Finally please run McAfee Virtual Technician and post the session id here.
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                It's a Dell Dimension 9100, Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz, just upgraded to 4.0 GB Ram (it recognizes 3.5 GB), running XP Service Pack 3. No other security software. Windows firewall is shut off. I have run the Virtual Technician before and it says it's operating fine (I’m not at that computer right now to run it again). Using on-line chat they walked me through resetting the firewalls and also sent me a link to restore/reset IE7. I did that as well as uninstalled and re-installed McAfee. I may try a System Restore, and short of that I'm about to remove it and use something different. I can't tolerate the pop-up window anymore.
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                  Yes, I am having the same problem and cannot find a solution. Have you found an answer to this problem?
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                    Vinod R

                    No offense meant could you post the details that i had requested for?


                    I am still waiting for the MVT session id. If there was any developments in the meantime please let me know.
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                      I’m sorry I never did provide you a MVT session ID number. I did run it again several times and the results were OK, Everything Fine. After realizing I could receive a refund of my money within 30 days of renewing my subscription, I called Customer Server to get the refund and uninstall McAfee. I had a horrible experience with Symantec Internet Suite in the past and since McAfee was now causing me grief too I had decided I was going to just use Windows Firewall and a free version of Antivirus. Or even buy a good Antivirus program by itself, like Micro Trend. So after speaking with the Customer Service agent she asked if I would reconsider my decision to remove McAfee if she put me through to Technical Service—free of charge. After working with him for a few minutes he finally had me go to msconfig, the Startup tab, and check “Disable All”. That has fixed the problem so far. Evidently McAfee had installed some kind of executable in the Startup routine that was making that Security Center screen open at Startup and keep on opening. I’m satisfied for now, but if I incur any future problems I will resort back to my decision to use Windows Firewall and some simple Antivirus program. It’s just not worth the headaches.

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                        Vinod R

                        Glad that the tech support was able to assist you on this issue.

                        it seems that there was a startup entry that got stuck on the machine...

                        Other users facing a similiar issue please run McAfee Virutual technicain and post the session Id so that we can see if there is anything a miss
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                          hi, i know its unrelated question..just need your help... is mcafee related to network associates?
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