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    Windows Explorer 'Not Responding'

      I am writing scripts using the scripting language published by http://www.autoitscript.com/
      I have the SecurityCentre 9.0 installed with everthing in Computer and Files Protected switched on.

      With this configuration up until about five days ago everything was working as one would expect. Given that Security Centre 9.0 was running the recommended McAfee settings at all times it had no affect on the process of me writing the scripting, compiling and running them like any other executable.

      The updating of my Security Centre software is automatic as I run an always on Internet Connection.

      About 5 days ago if I clicked on a folder containing a AutoIT script which had been compiled [using their compiler] Windows Explorer [Explorer.exe] would simply hang and eventually give the message 'Not responding'.

      In addition the AutoIT files within the folders were not being displayed with their appropriate icons applicable to *.ini or *.txt. In addition Vista would not allow me to copy, paste, move or delete the file or the folder.

      If I launched the executable scripted.exe then it did not run the process however it appeared in the Task Manager Process List but not using any CPU. In this condition it took the Task Mangaer considerable amount of time to actually launch and display the processes. CPU usage spun out to 100% but I could not determine which process was causing that problem.

      Together with the McAfee software I am currently running Windows Vista 32 Home Premium SP2 and Windows Explorer 8, Safari, iTunes, MobileMe, Quicktime Player, Office 2003, Outlook. Everthing is up to date.

      This problem is resolved if in McAfee - Computer Files & Configuration I switch Virus Protection Off [Disable]. I also notice that it is not possible in 'Advanced' configuration to add my Script to the Trust List of Programs.

      My question is why the sudden change to how the system responds to AutoIT in particular compiled scripts and secondly how do I add my compiled scripts to the Trusted Program List.

      Replies are always appreciated Ant..
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