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    McAfee Security Center keeps popping up

      I've recently had to restore my computer, as I accidentally deleted something I shouldn't have. That problem was fixed by the restore, but I'm now having an issue with McAfee.

      Every ten minutes or so the screen below will pop up and then close itself right away. It's not a big problem other than being horribly annoying, and my attempts to search for an answer to fix this issue have been fruitless.

      The version of McAfee Security Center I'm using is 9.3
      I've uninstalled and reinstalled it twice now to see if it fixed the problem, but it has not.
      I've used the Virtual Technician as well, and it informed me that nothing was wrong.
      On the second time uninstalling, I used MCPR in attempt to clean it up more, but it didn't change anything upon reinstalling again.

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