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    Saying im not protected when i am

      McAfee says im not protected when i keep fixing it??

      Hi, new by the way, just having a little problem at the moment. Basically it keeps coming up that im not fully protected, so when i click on fix, it says i need to verify my subscription, it comes up verified, but it still says im not protected? Any clues please, thanks
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          I have been having the same problem. I'll sit down at my computer and find a McAfee window saying my computer is not fully protected. When I click on "Fix Now" I find that I need to Verify my Subscription. When I verify my subscription (which includes three licenses), all becomes well.

          Until the next time it happens.

          It seems to be happening almost weekly.

          Any ideas?
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            Havn't got a clue why, so anyone on here got any ideas????
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              Vinod R
              People affected with Subscription issues please contact the tech support chat there is either an old version of McAfee or some other application on you machine that is blocking the subscription data base to communicate with the server.
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                here are the possible reasons for that:

                1. you have an incompatible software with the MFE; such as other antivirus software
                2. there are traces and remnants of a previously installed MFE on your PC

                and...here is one of the possible solutions / workaround for this issue:

                1. check your internet connectivity, make sure that you are connected to the download server of MFE. And to check for your connectivity do the following, click on START, then click on RUN or START SEARCH (for VISTA users), type in CMD...and you will see a black window (COMMAND PROMPT). Now, type in ping download.mcafee.com and hit ENTER.

                **** please check the numbers after the phrase REPLY FROM
                **** if you got "reply from" - it's an indicator of a possible virus infection
                **** if you got "reply from 96.17....." - thats better!

                2. to make sure that you do not have traces and remnants of a previous version of MFE, uninstall and reinstall MFE. and please make sure to use the (MCPR) Mcafee Consumer Product Removal tool. for more info, regarding the removal and reinstallation of MFE please visit this LINK:
                -->> http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100507

                ***by the way, before removing Mcafee make sure that you have the USERNAME AND THE PASSWORD

                ...hope this helps. happy
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                  Any u on Comcast and thus still on the 2008 versions?
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                    I am, and I received the "your computer is not protected" message for the first time today.

                    Should I just uninstall/reinstall? :confused:

                    MJM in Illinois
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                      There has been an issue with today's update ie the dat is causing a not protected issue. It does not show system guard as disabled but


                      Today they're all giving:

                      - Real-time scanning is disabled
                      - Spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled
                      - IM scanning is disabled
                      - Script scanning is disabled
                      - Buffer overflow protection is disabled

                      cf see http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=232630

                      If you are still on 8.1 or so uninstall via add remove programs then run the removal tool linked to in my signature. Reinstall from comcast and you should get 9.11.