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    McAfee does not allow me to install anything

      I just started using Windows Vista SP1 (which came with McAfee SecurityCenter 9) a couple days ago and I am still getting used to it. There are some files I attempted to download from the internet. There is no problem downloading any files, and they are saved and found where I want them. The problem is that as soon as I double-click on the installer an error message always occurs. There are different error messages for each different program but I'm guessing they all relate.
      Below are some messages I am getting:

      "Error reading setup initialization file."
      "The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."
      "Your system is currently not allowing access to our servers. Check your firewall and/or security software settings and try again. Visit the help page or contant us at (email-here)for further assistance."

      I spent some time researching what the problem may be and came to a conclusion the McAfee is not allowing me to install anything. I am new to McAfee and do not know how to work it very well, so is there some place such as a setup or settings that I can access and set it to allow me to install these? (I transfered all the installers to a different computer in my household and they all worked fine).

      Thank you in advance. happy