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    Safe mode

      I hope this has not been asked before but I did a search and nothing turned up.

      Our techs are complaining about not being able to log into safe mode after the pre-boot screen for McAfee EE.

      Is this described in the manual somewhere or is it not possible?

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          unless they disabled safe mode with the EEPC plugin, nothing changed as far as I am aware. Just press f8 as normal...

          what specifically is their problem?
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            Where would I check to see if it has been disabled with the plugin? We fixed the problem that they were having (it was a virus issue) but they were needing to get to safe mode to remove some files and complained that they couldn't.
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              it will tell you that "Safe Mode has been disabled" in big red letters etc.

              I think your team need to give you a bit more specific information. Perhaps they just don't know to press F8?
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                I was having a similar or possibly the same issue with Safemode. After booting SB and starting into SafeMode, it would start then say safe mode has been disabled by your admin....The letters were white, but the entire background was RED. Was this due to SB disabling it, or possibly the virus\malware that might be on the machine?
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                  yes, that's our Safe Mode disabling code. There's no way around it of course, you'll have to use an external PE CD or something to work on the OS.

                  You should find there's a special file group assigned to your machine in EEM/SafeBoot Administrator which sets a reg key. Take the key out and you'll be able to use Safe Mode again.
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                    I though this was only a part of version 4 since the encryption service would not run in safemode and could leave you in trouble. I thought Version 5.x did away with this option? What version are you on? I go into safemode all the time on encrypted laptops.
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                      We are using 5.x but I'd have to look for that key/file group to see if I can get it to work... Hopefully I get a chance to do that soon.
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                        Has anyone found a workaround for getting into Safe Mode on an encrypted machine?  I would like to run some anti-malware tools in safe mode.  We are running EEPC 5.2.1 and F8 does not work.  I am not sure if some of our options (SSO, etc,) prevent getting into Safe Mode.  I have looked at the EEPC admin manual, which mentions a BlockSafeMode file group, which I can't find in my modules, and my registry does not contain the entries that pertain to blocking Safe Mode, so I am assuming that our version blocks Safe Mode automatically.  Is there a way to use the EETECH CD to log into the pre-boot environment and then launch Safe Mode?  Thanks in advance for any assistance...

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                          Nope, we don't do anything to block safe mode unless that file group / reg key is set. I guess you're just not pressing the key at the right time.

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