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    Your Computer is not fully protected

      Your Computer is not fully protected!!!!! every two hours or so I get that or my mother' computer gets that message how many times do I have to fix the problem before it stays fixed and yes I verfied both our systems. We paid for protection we didn't pay it not to work.
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          Please also post more details about the computer. Like what version of windows is installed. Whether it's up-to-date with the latest patches/updates.
          What version of McAfee's software is intalled and what the exact error message is.
          Whether or nt the computer has any additional security related software installed lie Adware or Spybot.
          Or else try to reinstall the product as described in this article: How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe)
          • 2. Me too
            I also get this frequently during the day. I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition, fully updated. I have McAfee SecurityCenter 9.3, with VirusScan 13.3 and Personal Firewall 10.3, all fully updated.

            SecurityCenter keeps making me open it up to click the "Fix" button. Sometimes it won't even let me do that until I first verify my subscription.

            So two questions:

            1) Isn't there some way that SecurityCenter can just do that automatically? Why can't it fix and verify whenever it needs to be done?

            2) Is this caused by a glitch somewhere that I can fix? I just want this to stop happening.
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              please try running McAfee Virtual Technician in my signature and post the session ID here... maybe we can get some information on why your mcafee is acting that way... with the report we may be able to answer both your questions...
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                I too, have the same problem. When I click "fix" it runs but then tells me I have to fix the problems (viruses) manually. When I try to do this, it directs me to a page prompting me to buy something else. I just purchased the Virus Scan plus 2009 about 3 months ago. Everything was fine until about three weeks ago and now it won't fix anything. I would hope this is not a ploy for me to spend more money because Virus Scan Plus is supposed to have everything I need already. Still it keeps telling me that all the problems it has detected can't be fixed. I didn't pay my hard earned money to read this display. Also, I'm running Windows XP 2002 and it is really slow. Would getting more memory help speed it up or is it slow do to the McAfee program?
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                  with your XP operating system, what would be the size of your RAM and the capacity of your processor?

                  you can check these by right clicking on my computer and choosing properties. the next window that pops up would give you the information that you need.
                  • 6. Same Problem
                    I've had this problem ever since doing my yearly upgrade (which I just did a month ago). I remove the old versions of McAfee every year before downloading the new as I've been told to do by support some years ago. I either have to verify my account or click Fix for Computer and Files. This is getting quite annoying to say the least. I have 2 computers and get the same dang message on both, just more often on one. :mad: I'm running Virtual Technician now to see if that helps get rid of this annoyance.
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                      are you getting signature files out of date as well?

                      after running virutal technician please post the session id here so we could also check the result of the MVT. thanks.
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                        Virtual Technician detected one problem: DAT out of date in VirusScan - McAfee SecurityCenter 13.3.127

                        The expected DAT was 5661. The existing DAT was 5658.

                        The engine was up-to-date. It expected 5200, and the existing was 5301.

                        I clicked the "fix" button. We'll see if that has any more effect than clicking the usual "fix" button.

                        The session ID was 18962836.

                        Thank you for your assistance.
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                          can you please try this out:

                          1. click on start and then choose run
                          2. in the run box type in %programfiles%
                          3. in the new window open mcafee
                          4. then open virusscan folder
                          5. then rename DAT to DATOld
                          6. then rename ENGINE to ENGINE001
                          7. open mcafee and manually update it

                          please post back if the issue still persists...
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