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    McAfee seems to hate "inka-gameguard"

      Hey there ;)

      I am not sure if i am in the correct section or if there are already guides about it...

      I am playing an mmo (already a few months) and i needed to re-install it. And suddenly McAfee deletes one of the files ("GameMon.des") and i can't start the game.

      How can i tell McAfee to stop deleting it? I already tried to use the "re-construct" (dunno if this is the correct word, google translater ftw) function, but he keeps deleting it.

      And yes, i am really really sure that this is not a Virus (i wrote support tickets and asked the GM's, they told me that they know that issue with McAfee already)

      I hope someone here is able to help me~

      Sorry for my bad english :p