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    i'm not protected

      the detection signature file is over thirty days old, real time scanning, spyware and potentially unwanted software scanning, IM scanning and script scanning are all disabled. when i try to fix, it says "one or more problems cannot be resolved due to an error" and thats all.

      any help would be awesome.
        • 1. hi there
          Are you running Windows XP or Windows Vista?
          To check:
          1. Click start - right click on "My Computer" or "Computer"
          2. Then select properties.

          Another question, are you not getting pop ups from your computer like advertisements?
          • 2. RE: hi there
            vista home premium. and everytime i sign in it pops up with a little mcafee box that says im not protected. it has two buttons, fix now and close. like i said, the fix function in security center doesn't work. also every so often windows gives me a little message saying my on-access scanner is off.
            • 3. hi
              Mmm.. I see.
              Try downloading and running this software first called Malwarebytes so you could check and remove the possible Malware infections that you have there.
              Please perform the full scan then follow the prompts of the program to remove the possible infections that will be detected then restart the computer to check if the issue is occuring.

              If same issue is occuring , please download and run this program called Hijackthis, then click "Do a system scan and save a log file". Then please post the logs here.
              • 4. RE: hi
                youre first suggestion seems to have worked, thank you very much.
                • 5. Hi there
                  That's nice to hear..
                  Glad to help. happy