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    McAfee Security Center 9.3 on Windows 7

      I want to install Windows 7 rc x64 and want to keep my McaAee security center of total protection 9.3 on Windows 7 rc..is it compatible with it ?...i have not got home product or beta of McAfee to use on Windows 7 rc..is anybody here have tested it on Windows 7Rc x64

      Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x64; McAfee Total Protection 2009; Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.40 GHz; 8 GB RAM; Intel G35; 500 GB SATA 2 HDD Western Digital
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          Peter M
          Silverhawk, I'm not sure that current public version (9.3.151) is fully compatible yet. I do know, however, that the beta version (9.11.109) is as I have it installed on my Windows 7 boot. Have you thought of keeping Vista and creating a separate partition to try out Windows 7? It is only beta after all.

          For beta McAfee check here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=222454 (free to try)
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            Thanks Ex_Brit, however i have installed windows 7 rc official release, and installed McAfee total protection beta..mcafee seems to be working fine..but i have few problem regarding windows 7 media player and other things..there are few driver glitches with Intel one..so i have formated my D drive..i have vista on c and windows 7 x64 on d..but this windows have made me to format and remove it..i did not like few things of it..may be..some of the things whould be fixed in final release..as far as mcafee is concerned..it was working just fine and i did not fave my 8 hours working on computer..i just kept windows 7 on my computer for 8 hours..during that period i discovered few things about mcafee and have submitted my feedback to mcafee people..lets hope..if those things are taken into consideration...

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              Peter M
              Well good luck with it. All support for that is through the beta forums and feedback mechanism.