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    How to decrypt a USB hard drive?

      I'm new to EEPC and EEFF, I have both on my laptop. Whenever I insert an external USB HD, I answer NO when it asks to protect the medium. On the server, my policy is set NOT to encrypt removable devices. However, somehow this USB drive got encrypted because when I try to access it, windows asks if I want to format the device.

      Two issues:
      1. I am still running EEPC. How do I decrypt this external hard drive? (is there a way to confirm that it was encrypted and not just a crashed drive)?

      2. I don't want to run EEFF on my laptop any longer. How do I un-install it?

      Thank you,

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          1. look in the status window for EEPC to see if it encrypted it. If it says it encrypted it, then your administrator can set a policy to decrypt it. EEFF only works at the file level, so it will never total a drive or make it inaccessible (though it might make it read only, which could upset an NTFS formatted drive).

          2. you can't - that's up to your administrator. You need to ask them if it's allowed.
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            Thanks for the suggestions. When I look in the EEPC status window, it just shows C: fully encrypted, no other drives. The log also doesn't appear to have a record of encrypting that USB drive. Just seems awful suspicious that it is encrypted. Anything else I can do to determine its state and decrypt it?

            I did find out how to turn off EEFF, using the MEEM console. Thank you.
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              I'm not sure there ever would have been anything in the log, I can't think of an event that indicates a particular drive is encrypted.

              you could look at the partition gap to see if there's SBFS disk information I guess, or poke around with WinTech?