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    "your computer is not protected..."

      I'm getting a warning saying "your computer is not protected". My security centre is telling me that my "computer & files" and my " E-mail & IM " need attention. I've clicked "fix" only to be told that " the detection signature files are between 8 and 29 days old". I've clicked update and still nothing changes...any ideas?
        • 1. HI..

          Are you getting any kinds of pop-ups lately(pop-up ads, security alerts..)..

          Check also the TIME & DATE settings of your PC..

          Also, please try running the Mcafee Virtual Technician.. After that, Please post the session ID here..
          • 2. RE: HI..
            >> check time and date
            >> if not accurate: ADJUST it!

            >> check for any previous configuration :
            *** this issue is normally caused by a SYSTEM RESTORE

            >> check for possible infection:
            >> are you getting pop ups?
            >> on IE, are you being redirected to other sites?
            >> are you able to access mcafee.com?

            >> check internet connectivity:
            >> start >> cmd/start search >> cmd
            >> type in: "ping download.mcafee.com" - hit ENTER
            >> check the number after REPLY FROM – you should get 4 times

            >> try updating MFE?
            >> able to update? or got a n update error?

            >> check your updates / drivers / and for any 3rd party app (i.e. Norton etc.)
            >> remove any other anti-virus app
            >> start >> ctrl panel >> uninstall a program
            >> java updates >> FOUND?
            >> Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 or higher >> FOUND?
            >> msxml 4.0 or 6.0 >> FOUND?

            >> if all else fails, try removing your MFE and reinstall it:
            you may visit this link


            ***** thanks and have a nice day