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    Am I protected? No

      I recently installed McAfee Internet Security 2009. The tray icon is indicating a problem, on Security Center home there is a warning that inbound email scanning is disabled, and spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled.

      When I click the "Fix" button, after a few moments a message appears "One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error"

      I have run virtual technician; no problems found.

      I am running on Windows XP, there are no other anti-virus or anti-spyware programs installed on my PC.

      Thank you for any suggestions-
        • 1. HI..


          I have run virtual technician; no problems found.

          Can you please post the mcafee virtual technician session ID you got when you ran it..? Thanks..
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            Thanks for the reply-

            I saw another post of a similar problem and was able to resolve. I
            1) uninstalled Security Suite
            2) downloaded and ran Malwarebytes. it did identify and delete several malware items
            3) reinstalled Security Suite

            All now works fine. Looks like others are encountering this problem, which I assume is due to the presence of trojans or malware-the above should seem to address.

            Thanks again