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    Cannot reinstall Mcafee

      My McAfee Security Centre says I am no longer protected. When I click on Fix, it says One or more errors cannot be fixed due to an error. If I run the Virtual Technician, it says that it cannot automatically fix the problem which is missing files in the security centre and site advisor. It then suggests reinstalling Mcafee. I go back to my account, and download Mcafee. The installer then removes the current version of McAfee and advises to reboot to continue installation. However, when my computer reboots, McAfee is gone, my computer says it has multiple security problems, and I can no longer access my account at mcafee.com to reinstall the programme. (Access to other sites such as hotmail is also blocked). I have to carry out a system restore to get Mcafee back, but again t says I am not full protected. Please advise what I should do?

      Many thanks