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    Artemis question


      I have read the stickies on the Artemis file that are posted, and I have a question about them.

      I bought a new computer, and installed mcafee first thing. I ran the scan and it came up with 1 artemis trojan quarantine. It is in my c:\\programfiles\cyberlink\powerdvd8\videofilter\cl264dec.ax.

      I have read in the sticky that artemis's are not always virus's and you should submit it to mcafee, which I did, successfully. My question is - when(and how) will mcafee respond to tell me if it is or isn't a threat? Since it is a new PC (literally arrived today and taken out of the box) I am assuming it is a false positive, i am scanning with malwarebytes just incase as well. But does anyone know how long (and how) I will be informed of if it is a virus or not?
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          Peter M
          If you followed the guidelines correctly (zipped file, no more than 30 files therein, not more than 3mb in total size and password protected using the password infected) they normally auto-respond almost immediately followed by a manual response within 24-48 hours.