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    No Reports

      I have the Security Center 9.0 including the Virus Scan and Personal Firewall. On day one or two after installation, the system was logging activity showing intrusion attempts, accesses, etc. Now, under Reports & Logs, there is only one entry that has a date 5/22/2009 Real Time Virus Protection Enabled.

      It worries me that the system is not logging any activity at all. The reason I bought McAfee is because the other software I had - Norton - allowed conficker to attack my machine; AVG allowed a hacker to reach into my machine and turn it off. I'm worried that the Firewall has been turned off even though the software says that protection is on.

      Why am I not getting any reports?
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          Please clarify,
          What type of internet connection you have (DSL, Cable….)?
          Did you receive any kind of alert/advertisements or pop-ups in the computer?
          Do you have any other security program in the system? If yes, then remove
          Perform the McAfee Virtual Technician in both computer and post the session ID http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp
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            I have a cable connection and the McAfee pop-up blocker on. The only time it is temporarily off is when I play yahoo games - specifically dominoes. For some reason, I don't have to turn it off to play Hearts.

            No.. I don't have any other security program. I uninstalled AVG before installing McAfee.
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              I responded to your inquiries but have not received any other communication from you. Do you have any idea why I'm not getting reports?

              If your suggestion is to run the Virtual Technician - I'll do that but I don't know what you mean "both computer and the post session ID" Please explain.
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                Sorry for the inconvenience. I would like to get some information about the computer and McAfee product installed. So please run the MVT on the effected computer and update me let me do a research and I’ll update you on the status