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    Security Center Won't Resize

      When SC opens I only get a partial screen. Changing the screen resolution and letting the program set the font size does not solve the problem. A McAfee chat session was not able to offer a clue other than saying the SC can not be resized. The problem is that I can't access info in the SC. For example, when I try to use the QuickClean feature, the entire list of items to clean is not displayed. More important, the operating box to click is not visible. Does anyone have a suggestion to solve this problem?
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          Pleas clarify,
          Did you receive any kind of alert/advertisements or pop-ups in the computer?
          What type of internet connection you have (DSL, Cable….)?
          What is the Internet explore you use (IE 6 or 7)?
          Perform the McAfee Virtual Technician in both computer and post the session ID http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/default.asp
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            I am running Vista Home Premium on a Dell Studio. I have a cable connection and am using Firefox 3.0.10. When I select the SC icon, the program opens with the regular box. But, the box is not full size. I don't get pop up, ads, etc.
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              Peter M
              Are you using a non-standard screen resolution? Security Center's size is fixed at approximately 25% of your total screen size. and should display normally if your standard monitor resolution is used.

              The only other factor could be non-default settings in Internet Explorer (whether or not you use it) as it is, in fact, an IE page, albeit internal.
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                Thank you for your response. I am not familiar with the term "non-standard screen resolution." The resolution is set at 1280X960 on a Dell SP2009W with an Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset. . BalaSGS suggested I run MVT. I did and the ID is 18516737. No errors were found. What non-default settings in IE would I change?
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                  Peter M
                  According to Dell the resolution for that monitor is 1680 x 1050. Try changing to that. It may take a bit of getting used to as more will be included in the picture, but things like McAfee Security Center will most likely display correctly.

                  Regarding Internet Explorer under Tools/Internet Options/Security make sure each zone is default, under Content make sure Content Advisor is off and under Advanced make sure it is set to default. See if all that helps.

                  If the monitor wont go to that resolution you may need a new driver for your graphics card, usually obtained from the maker's website or perhaps Dell. (Not sure as I've never bought a computer or peripherals from them).
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                    I was able to increase the resolution to 1680x1050, but the problem did not clear. I followed your direction with IE. Still no luck.
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                      Peter M
                      Did you reboot since? It should have sorted it out. Probably best if you contacted Technical Support Chat linked at top left of this page or in my signature.

                      They can access your computer and even escalate the issue to a higher level if necessary.
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                        I have rebooted with no improvement. I did chat on line with case # 310420344, 5-31-2009. The McAfee expert did not seem to want to escalate my problem. Kicku could only tell me that the window could not be maximized. I turned to the community because generally the participants are bettered qualified. So, I'm back to square one.
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                          Peter M
                          Well I have to retire for the night so the only suggestion I can think of right now is the following:

                          1. Uninstall all McAfee programs through "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows "Control Panel".

                          2. Use the MCPR tool, see this article: How to remove supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe). This will remove all McAfee remnants from your computer. (you must have Windows Vista, XP or 2000 SP4 to use this tool)

                          3. Launch Windows Explorer and delete all McAfee files in "Program Files" but especially in "C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Application Data" and "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data". You have to set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options > View tab). Just delete the McAfee folders even if they are empty in all the "Application Data" folders. Can be more than one!
                          In Vista: C:\Program Files, C:\ProgramData and C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming
                          If you can't find these files don't worry. It just means that MCPR has done its job.

                          4. Reboot and redownload/reinstall your McAfee products directly from your account at the McAfee web site, not from any CD that you may have.

                          If you are McAfee direct customer, go to https://home.mcafee.com/Secure/Protected/Login.aspx and log in to download your McAfee products.

                          If you received your McAfee products from your service provider, please use the list below to download your software.

                          Comcast users should go to http://security.comcast.net/ and log in to download your software.

                          DELL users should go to https://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp?affid=105 and log in to download your software.

                          Gateway users should go to https://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp?affid=370 and log in to download your software.

                          eMachines users should go to https://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp?affid=365 and log in to download your software.

                          MSN users should go to http://membercenter.msn.com/ and log in to download your software.

                          AOL users should go to http://daol.aol.com/safetycenter and log in to download your software.
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