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    McAfee Endpoint Tray Icon

      - I don't see the end-point tray icon on Task bar but its active when I go see the task manager processes.

      - Even I kill it from the task manager and go the endpoint folder - rerun the sbclientmanager.exe - still can't see it

      - is there a manual way I can do a local sync from the endpoint without using any of the sbadmcl scripts? Or how can I bring the sb icon to my tray again (its showing as past icon now)

      - When I try to remove it says protection is on so can't remove

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          restarting the client manager service will force a sync (after the delay if needed).

          I guess you might have hidden the icon? (right click, properties, customize etc).
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            Nope. It was actually showing in my past icons - > made it show always! Restarted the client manager. Still no sign of the tray icon.

            Any further advise!!

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              Sorry no, seems to work fine for everyone else.

              do you have a client of some kind installed? What OS?
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                Only 1 system out of 10 is showing that strange behavior. It was encrypted with 5.1.8 earlier and I upgraded all of them to 5.2. The OS on all the systems is Vista 32 bit.

                I have the last option to use the recovery CD and just un-install. I just want to know if there is a way I can bring back the tray icon by any commandline option or so.

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                  no. If the client manager is running you should have an icon (as does everyone else).

                  I suggest the problem is the OS.
                  • 6. Traymanager
                    I my experience with 5.2, I found that if you are using an older version of Endpoint Encryption Manager to create 5.2 client installation set, you don't get the EE icon in the task bar even though the sbtraymanager exists. If you create the install set from 5.2 manager you will get the icon.
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                      What do you mean by "create 5.2 client install set from older version of EEM"?

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                        Hello. I'm an EEPC newbie myself but I too had an issue where the Tray Manger icon would not show up in the task bar. What I found is the registry key that launches the utility was missing. I manually created it and it's working fine now. Open the registry and browse to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run and check for the SafeBootTrayManager.exe key. If missing right click in the right hand pane and select "New, String Value". Call the string SafeBootTrayManager then modify the contents to read "C:\Program FIles\SafeBoot Tray Manager\SbTrayManager.exe"

                        Remember, there are two process that run in task manager:

                        SBTRAYMANAGER.EXE and SBCLIENTMANAGER.EXE. From your original post it looks like only the one is running.
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                          You can also just navigate to the C:\Program FIles\SafeBoot Tray Manager\ folder and double click SbTrayManager.exe to get it started.
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