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    Can Networked Printer Show as Unknown Computer?

      Recently, I have been getting warnings about an unknown computer connecting to the network. It may have just started because I recently told McAfee to alert me to more problems. But I still want to know what the unknown computer is so I can label it friend or intruder.

      I have two actual computers connected to the network (NOT wireless). In addition, there is the router and a networked printer (an HP Photosmart C5180 All in One). There is also a shared internet connection and we are connected to the internet all time.

      The network manager diagram shows the Internet, my router, my first computer, and my second computer. Then it also shows the subject Unknown Computer. This unknown computer always has the name


      The HP in the name makes me think perhaps this intruder is actually the networked printer. I know that sometimes the installed printer software checks the internet for updates or whatever, and it has firewall permission to do so.

      Anyway, can a networked printer show up as an unknown computer? And if I lable it as intruder, what will happen? McAfee implies only that it will stop warning me about it, which doesn't make sense.

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          Hi ,

          I just happened to Google up “HPEF9172” and found that it could be your network printer that is showing up in your network map. Since the network printers also have an NIC card they take up one IP address in the network. This could be the possible reason why you might be getting this message, technically in your network map you should be able to view three computers.
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            Interesting. I tried Google before I asked the question, and just tried again. The only real hit, after several advanced and varied searches, was this thread in this forum.

            Assuming we are talking to the same Google, can you tell me what your search string was - I'd like to read the information, and I'm sure others would too.

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              My HP Color LaserJet CP1518 PCL 6 also shows as an intruder
              When you get the warning from McAfee, it should give you an IP address for "the intruder"

              Go to Printer properties, Ports, Configure Port

              The IP address of the Printer will match the IP address of the "Intruder"
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                Thanks aquarius!

                Indeed, the IP address of the 'intruder' matches the networked printer IP. I've marked it as a friend now.

                I'm surprised that, apparently, no one from McAfee had heard of this happening before or had a clue what was causing it. I would have thought it would be a common problem that might concern those who are told an intruder has logged on. Or maybe everyone just follows their stock answer: Reinstall McAfee. Perhaps they don't really monitor this forum?

                Anyway, thanks again for the excellent response aquarius.

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                  Just realized an odd thing. We have 5 computers, 3 are Vista Laptops, they hook up wireless, the desktops are XP and "wire connected", all to the same router.

                  The computers running Window XP and wired to the router automatically marked the printer as Friend.

                  The computers running Vista and connecting wirelessly automatically marked it as Intruder.

                  Same versions of McAfee Firewall running on both computers, but one difference in the "About" listing
                  Version 10.3
                  Build 10.3.111

                  XP AffId 636
                  Vista AffId 0

                  I don't know what an AffId is, so no idea if that has anything to do with it.
                  Or if it's a XP vs. Vista thing ? Or a wireless thing ?

                  Is your computer connected wireless or wired ?
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                    Sorry for the late reply.

                    Both computers and printer are wired (not wireless).